Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peace and Quiet?

Because my oldest daughter was having surgery, our other kids were farmed out to family and friends. It was, for the first time in recent memory, quiet and peaceful at my house. And I realized I don't really like it!

It was quite novel to actually finish a task. It was refreshing to finish my food without anyone asking for a bite, or spilling anything, or any bickering. The toys stayed in their respective locations, as did the dog food and kitty litter. And it was much quieter than normal. Nobody had a meltdown, nobody got hurt, nobody needed Mommy to settle their quarrel or get them a drink or change their diaper or wash their hands or wipe their nose.

As nice as that sounds, on the surface, I didn't like it. It was too quiet. Honestly, it was rather lonely. In spite of the pleasure of peace and quiet, in spite of the novelty of finishing a task (or meal) without interruption, I missed my family!! The blessing of community far outweighs the "cost" of our large family (and I am not talking about dollars and cents). It is good to be reminded again how very much I love my family and how very blessed I am to be the mother of eight. Yes, the last several months have been difficult. Yes, I get tired, impatient, irritated, and overwhelmed. Yes, my house is rarely clean and my laundry is rarely done, but that is because my life is so full, and that is a precious gift.  

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