Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Power of a Hug

Today has been a rather exasperating day; lots of kids crying, lots of arguments, big kids needing big kid stuff, little kids needing little kid stuff, and Mom has to fix everything. Ugh. It has been a long day, we just made it to lunch!!

But, amidst the tears and trauma, drama and disasters, one of my kids came and gave me a big hug. No reason - they just loved their mama and wanted me to know. Before that hug, I was in desperate need of a Calgon escape and might have considered letting my kids go join the circus. Afterwards, though, Calgon no longer needed to take me away, and no circus master was gonna have the opportunity to look twice at my kids! I was renewed by the power of a hug.

My husband knows the same power. He found me trying to dig out from under the clutter in the pantry. Knowing how frustrated I get with the pantry's tendancy towards breeding chaos, he smiled at me (he has a great smile) and called me to him, then wrapped me in a wonderfully relaxing, soothing, and nurturing hug. The craziness of the pantry suddenly didn't seem so overwhelming. Actually, all the problems of my day got smaller. All because of the power of a hug.