Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories

Holidays are supposed to be memorable. Families gather, special foods are served, and precious memories are made. Easter is especially fun because it holds the promise of spring and we celebrate a risen Savior. It is a favorite time of year for us. This Easter has been very memorable, but for far different reasons.

First, my son found himself connecting with nature in a rather painful and traumatic way; he stepped (with his bare foot) on a thorn that was hidden in the grass where he was hunting for Easter eggs. After he'd finally calmed down from connecting with and being disconnected from the thorn, he somehow got a piece of Easter candy up his nose; way up his nose. The candy is still there, but the on-call doctor assured me, as long as my son was breathing ok (which he is) we could wait until morning to have it removed.

Before the evening was over, the baby blew out her diaper, a kid had put a foot into the leftover jello sitting on the floor of the van, the sound of tears filled the van part of the way home from Nana and Papa's, and someone wet their pants before exiting our vehicle. Though memorable, none of these were the memories I planned to make this holiday, or at any other time, for that matter.

Now, everyone is in bed. The house is finally quiet. The jello has been cleaned up, the injured foot is bandaged, the wet pants changed and the car seat taken care of. The candy, however, is still firmly lodged in a certain toddler's nose. I'm enjoying a moment of peace before I fall into bed. Tomorrow, if my son still can't breath through his left nostril, I'll take him to the family doctor to see about getting the piece of candy removed. School may be a field trip to the hospital, where we'll learn all about the consequences of sticking foreign objects up your nose.

A comedian said that the difference between tears and laughter in a situation like this is about six weeks. So, I guess you can check back with me in a few weeks to see if I think it is funny yet or not. Either way, it will still be memorable!