Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When are you due?

I'm eight months pregnant with baby number eight. After this many pregnancies, you might say things are well broken in. As a result, I look more pregnant than I really am. A young friend recently gave birth to her first, and she looked smaller at nine months than I did at seven! But, like I said, things are well broken in.

The other day I was wandering around a discount store, waiting for the mechanic to figure out why the check-engine light came on in our car. Time to wander is unusual for me, and I quickly tired for the sport, so I was hanging around the televisions, watching episodes from the BBC production Planet Earth. An older woman approached me and we started chatting about the video. Then she asked me when I was due and if I was expecting twins, or maybe triplets?! When I replied that I wasn't due until March and was only having one baby, her comment was, "Wow, you're big."

Though not surprised by the response, it wasn't something I expected from a perfect stranger. Then, of course, I got home and my seven year old daughter said exactly the same thing! According to the Bible, children are a blessing and a gift. I guess I'm blossoming with my blessing, and I'm going to celebrate the privilege of this baby, even if I'm reminded on multiple occassions that I'm very big. It is a small price to pay for the blessing of being a mother.