Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leaves and Bean Stalks

I became a gardener almost by accident. Memories of weeding my parents' 37 square mile half acre garden, and being forced to eat vegetables from said garden (against my will) soured me on gardening for the first 35+ years of my life. My husband has gardened most of his life, so I enjoyed the fruits of his labors. I just didn't engage in the process of growing that fruit.

Then, quite by accident, I picked up a copy of a "granola" type magazine; the five minute bread recipe caught my eye, but several articles on vegetable gardening kept my attention. Slowly, over the course of several months (and multiple issues said magazine) I was converted; suddenly I wanted to garden! Before the planting season started, I drew up plans for several containers, designing in a pattern around a bean stalk. The pattern was based on the French "potage" or kitchen garden. And it turned out really well, if I do say so myself.

Being a kitchen garden, the idea was to locate it close to the kitchen, which has the added benefit of creating beauty right outside my window. What a treat. As the vines on the bean pole slowly shrivel, and my heart grieves the passing of the gardening season, bright, crackly fall leaves fill the void. Though the days outside are cold and dreary, though the garden season is over, color brightens the day. Leaves of maple and ash trees tumble about, blown by the wind. And then I remember; I love fall. The gardening season comes to an end, yes. But so much remains to be enjoyed. What a treasure to watch those leaves. The vibrant green vines are gone. In their place, a different vibrancy fills my view and my heart.

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