Monday, October 01, 2012

One Step at a Time

This is from last year, but I just noticed it didn't publish when I (thought I'd) posted it. And, having recovered from the post traumatic stress I was suffering (I know, because I once again experienced it hearing a newborn baby cry incessantly recently), I can celebrate that my little one hasn't spent his existence crying for quite some time. The things I left for another day are getting done, and my children are fairly well adjusted in spite of the chaos and craziness of our lives the last year and a half. I have so much to be thankful for. Now for last year's post...

Well, we are now beginning week two of something less than constant crying. It has truly been wonderful, though I think in some ways I'm suffering from a form of post traumatic stress disorder from all that crying, just waiting for my son to begin screaming again and anxious that when he does I won't be able to calm him. But, as each day holds less screaming and more quiet, I'm incredibly thankful!

As the crying begins to decrease, I'm finally able to look around a little and see the rest of my house. Things are in a state! But, if I've learned anything over the years, I've learned that I can take life one step at a time. Everything doesn't need to be solved today. Somethings really can wait until tomorrow, and that is a good thing to know.

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