Sunday, January 06, 2008

Not so hot wheels

Recently, my husband and I met up with another gentleman for some errands. My mother kept all the kids, so we were able to ride in a much more fuel efficient sedan, leaving our 1993 Suburban parked in a parking lot. Now, this parking lot wasn't necessarily the greatest place to leave a car. Big signs all over the place warned that the business who managed the parking lot was not responsible for lost or stolen items. You were encouraged to take valuables with you and even though you locked your vehicle, not to leave it very long.

Well, I'm sure you know how errands can go. Whatever the reason for your excursion, it always takes a long time. Such was the case for us. After several hours, we finally found ourselves back in the parking lot. Our car was still there. Only after my husband reached into his pocket to retrieve his keys did we realize the horrifying truth: the keys were in the ignition of the Suburban! Our not-so-new and not-so-beautiful Suburban, full of carseats and booster seats and diapers and wipes, was so unattractive to would-be thieves that it sat, with the keys IN THE IGNITION for several hours, AND NO ONE TOOK IT!

Now, you have to understand, we didn't leave the keys on purpose. We didn't want our car to be stolen. But, it was kind of sad to realize that even if a would-be thief was wondering around the parking lot that day, he or should would have been totally not interested in our car. I don't know what that says about our taste in vehicles, or the condition of our vehicle, but either way, you have to admit it is pretty funny. At least I think so. If someone had stolen it, I probably wouldn't be laughing. But, if they did, the joke would definitely have been on them!

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