Friday, January 06, 2006

Toilet training is not for cowards

Toilet training of people or pets is not to be undertaken lightly. Having 5 children in 8 years (all girls) has been an adventure all its own. Now that the youngest of those 5 is ready to make the leap from diapers to panties, a totally new adventure awaits. Though successful in my past attempts, I seem to have forgotten how to make the leap from diaper changer to potty trainer.

For Christmas, my sister gave our girls a puppy. The puppy already has several things in common with our family. She is a girl, she is young, and she isn't completely house-broken. Though her name is Lady, this little mut has been engaging in some very unladylike behavior. So, between toilet training a toddler and housebreaking a puppy, I've decided I'm a coward!

Maybe it has just been a bad day. So far, Lady has left two "aromatic" deposits in the house, on the carpet. Then, Kayla demonstrated she has absolutely NO clue what to do without a diaper, all over the kitchen floor, while I was making lunch! And our four year old has symptoms of a bladder infection. Where do I turn in my resignation?!

Ok. I guess I don't really want to resign. Even with the chaos and craziness, I love my family!! Having a housefull of girls is a little overwhelming at times, but I can't imagine life without every single one of them! Parenting isn't for cowards. Toilet training (or housebreaking) is no easy task. But, few things in life are easy, and even fewer can be undertaken by cowards. Though I am a coward, I know that God will give me the strength to navigate this road, and to live until tomorrow.


Miniskiff said...

Mamma Marchauna,

YOU are no coward, girlfriend! Rather you are an inspiration for the abundance of love you have for the very full house hold you run. Now while I cannot give advice on potty training a child...I do have some experience in the canine field! :)

Puppies are no small chore and I have always said to friends unsure of whether they want to have baby, that they should get a puppy first...that will give them a small fraction of an idea of some of the demands you will experience from a baby...and I do mean fraction! I have had several puppies and have decided child rearing is not for the simple at heart. So hats of to you sweetie!

As for potty training a puppy. One technique that works well is when they pee on the floor soak it up in a paper towel and take it outside and place it in the yard. Then take the puppy out there to show her where her sent goes. Leave the paper towel out there so she familiarized with that as an outside duty. Also praise her with love when she gets it right!

Another helpful thing to teach a puppy is her own space. If you have a kennel she can sleep in, you will find she will not want to wet on her own bed. Thus she will probably wimper when she needs to go potty at night, should the kennel door be closed.

Hope this helps, super Mom!! Love and hugs to you and the journey God has put before you!

dave said...

I can't imagine the business of the life you lead and see how you maintain your sanity and passion.

Good job, keep up the blogging. It is a great outlet.

Rebecca said...

Getting the "littlest" from diaper to panties is a real milestone. The next thing to it is being able to leave them all at home together, and then -- the oldest learns to drive! That's where we are now, you know, and we actually like it. Don't let anyone sell you all that "terrible teens" stuff. Kids are great!

Nice blog!

Beth said...

We are also in the throes of toilet training. I got a call at work today, from my three year old.

"Mommy, I pooped in the potty!"
"You did? That's great!"
"Yeah, yeah, mommy, and it looked like a loop-di-loop log!"

Gotta love em!

Anonymous said...

I happen to know that you started potty training a long time ago, because by the time i had my third child, I, too, had forgotten how to potty train a child and you and your sister did the third one for me. Actually, maybe you did the first two, too. Thanks. Mamaofmamamarchauna

Kelli said...

Fun blog to read, Marchauna! It gives me a taste of what I get to look forward to in a matter of a few years... :) I pray for grace to handle the transition (for you--and me :)!

Anonymous said...

I just think you are great ! How wonderful you have this !