Monday, January 09, 2006

Technology and the passing of time

On New Year's Eve, I was buckling my 2 y.o. into her carseat, in the rain, on a busy street, in the dark. According to the principles of Murphy's Law, my purse fell out of the car. Of course, the contents dumped all over the busy street, and I mean ALL over. As I scrambled to gather all the parts and pieces, I missed a significant item. The back of my cell phone. My cell phone is black. The road was black. The night was black. It was a dark and stormy night. You get the picture.

Anyway, the back of my cell phone is lost. The battery falls out; the face plate comes off; the phone just quits. Recognizing that this was a problem, I decided to stop in where we purchased our phones a year ago last August, to get a new back. Silly me. Why should I expect the people who sold me this cell phone months ago to still have parts. It is, I was told, a pretty old phone.

Old is just a matter of perspective. My toddler is very young, and she is older than my cell phone. I've been around for way more than 18 months, and I am definitely not old! Though I don't drink, it is my understanding that the older the wine, the better. Aged meat is more tender. Vintage cars are prized. My phone isn't old, it is vintage!


dave said...

You call THAT old? Ouch! I guess I am almost fossilized and ready to be turned into coal....maybe a diamond someday. :-)

Technology is so dynamic that it's age span is dramatically short. That is the scam of course. "THEY" whomever "THEY" are, want you to buy new cell phones, computers, cars, anything that can break will; just so you have to buy a new one. Think about it, if "THEY" can get you to buy a new cell phone every 18 months "THEY" can project that into a profit margin. Was it really a coincidence that your cell phone back came off? NO!!! It is a conspiracy.

Miniskiff said...

You know I have to marvel...there actually was life before the cell phone! Heck life plugged along just fine before the phone!

So sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience! I have drowned two cell phones in the ocean so I understand the frustration...However maybe this is God's way of saying you are connecting with so many people that you are forgetting the most important connection of all...The one to Yourself...and the one of you to God! I don't know...that is what struck me in the moment. I just believe everything happens for a reason. God's Grace is everywhere, even in the little frustrations. [Realize I say this as much to you as I do to myself! AMEN!]

I love hearing your musings Mama Marchauna. Blessed Be!