Monday, January 07, 2013

Celebrating Simple Things

Until I had a child who didn't meet his milestones, I didn't really think about those questions the doctors always ask at well-child visits. With my other children, everything was fine; no worries. With our youngest son, it turns out, everything wasn't fine. At first, we thought his delays were from being held constantly, because of his severe reflux. But, as milestones continued to be missed, our doctor suspected problems. Those questions turned out to be very important; they identified developmental delays that required special intervention.

Caught, black (permanent marker black) handed!
Thanks to that early intervention, our little man is doing great, improving all the time. It is so fun to see the progress, to see the glint of understanding light up his eyes, or to see him master a task that required extra effort to learn. As our journey through the desert continues, I am learning to celebrate little things. I am recognizing more and more reasons to celebrate, discovering in a whole new way simplicity that is so significant. And that is very fun.

If you are on your own journey through the desert; if you know the pain of a child who struggles, don't lose hope. Regardless of your situation, you can find reasons to celebrate.You can find them, and when you do, invest the energy to celebrate and treasure that precious, amazing moment.

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