Friday, December 31, 2010

21st Century Kids

You can always tell kids born after digital cameras became common - they want to see the picture as soon as it is taken. My kids are no different, clamoring to catch a glimpse of photos just snapped.

Recently, my son took it to a whole new level. He built a digital camera out of legos. After snapping my picture, he turned his camera around and showed me the resulting image. The entire experience was basically an exercise in make-believe, but I played along. As convincing as my performance may have been to my son, inside, I was laughing. Who could have imagined, when I was a child, that children of the next generation would be building digital cameras out of legos and proudly showing their photos to anyone?! And how precious to see a child who can barely even talk asking to "see" the scenes captured by an older brother on a fake digital camera.

What an adventure it is to raise 21st Century kids!

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