Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it SNOW!

Winter may not officially start until December 21, but for the Rodgers family, it started today. We awoke to at least two inches of snow on the ground this morning. If not for the blessing of the Suburban (for details go to, our day would have looked MUCH different.

Since we had the Suburban, we were able to accomplish most of our tasks with little or no interference from the weather. Not being a "weather" person myself, I wasn't watching the satellite radar all afternoon. I just knew it was cold. Fortunately, I didn't' need to be watching the satellite picture; my husband was. He began celebrating shortly after 4pm, when he showed me on the National Oceanography and Atmospheric Administration website ( the forecast for a blizzard. His comments have been over and over, (with great delight in his voice) "I've never been in a blizzard before!"

About 9pm, much to my husband's dismay, he noticed the moon shining through a break in the clouds. We hadn't had enough snow yet!! We were supposed to get inches, not just a dusting. Well, as I head to bed, it is snowing quite well outside, the moon is no longer visible, and my husband is almost as excited as a school boy on the first day of vacation. That is a very good thing. Let it snow!

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