Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The value of thumbs

I was using a knife recently, a very sharp one! I slipped and the knife sunk into the fleshy part of my thumb. Thankfully it was my left thumb, but it is still greatly affecting my life! Suddenly, I am recognizing the tremendous value of thumbs.

I've never thought much about having thumbs. I've heard that thumbs are what set us humans apart from other creatures in the animal kingdom. But, it was of little value to me. I only have two thumbs and they don't get noticed that often. Suddenly, now that I am not using one of my thumbs, it is VERY noticable and creating difficulty in my life! Yikes - how do animals survive without thumbs?!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "all thumbs?" People say it when they are having trouble using their hands for whatever reason. It is generally a negative thing. After my experiences this week, though, I have a new perspective. Oh my goodness; I'd rather be ALL thumbs than have no thumbs! Right now I'm noticing my thumb more than I have for years. When I bump the injury, it hurts. If I use my thumb (or even my hand) wrong, it puts tension on the laceration and it hurts. For a while after I cut it, it just throbbed.

By God's grace, my thumb is healing quickly. I'll probably be able to go band-aid free in a few days. Suddenly, I see the value of thumbs and I'm very thankful for the two I have!

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