Saturday, October 27, 2007

How (not) to Win Friends and Influence People

We have a friend who has worked for the last eight years with a non-profit organization in China developing programs to meet the needs of physically or developmentally handicapped children and their parents. She is in the US for a short time, and was able to visit. In anticipation of her visit, and because it was generally needed, we tided the house. Having arrived home from a meeting literally minutes before our guest, I knew the living room was presentable, and figured the rest of the house didn't matter - we'd just stay in the living room.

After enjoying a wonderful visit, and just before leaving on the next leg of her journey, our friend used the bathroom. After exchanging hugs and waving goodbye to our friend as she drove away, I went to use the bathroom. It was then I discovered just how much the rest of the house mattered!

One of my children (who is not yet old enough for school) had had an accident. Wet little girl panties were laying in the middle of the bathroom floor. A small yellow puddle graced the floor right in front of our toilet. How long it had been since the accident I had no idea, but I knew one thing for sure. My guest and friend, who is very proper and gracious, had gone into what I thought was a clean bathroom, and said nothing to me about how very improper and unclean the room really was! Ahhhh! At least she is already a friend! Even with a friend, though, that isn't the kind of influence I want to have. Guess I won't be giving any of those seminars anytime soon.

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