Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day of the Dishwasher

Just days after my husband left to work away from home for six week, our automatic dishwasher quit. Completely overwhelmed with the challenge of trying to find a new one (and not really wanting to shell out $500 either!), I did the next best thing; nothing! Being the mother of four school-age children, I figured we could wait until my husband returned home to solve the dilemma. While we were waiting, those school-age children would wash dishes the old fashioned way, but hand.

During the time we were without an automatic dishwasher, it wasn't really a big deal. Girls rotated who had the washing job and who had the putting away job. Dishes were done after every meal. The kitchen actually started looking tidier for some reason. I seriously considered taking that space and putting more cupboards! But, wisdom prevailed, as did my desire for not only clean-looking, but santized dishes. Instead of extra cupboards, God provided a new (to us) dishwasher and someone to install it.

My four girls sure have learned to appreciate dishwashers, though! Actually, so have I.

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