Sunday, June 17, 2007

Major Multi-tasking

As a mother of many, I've gotten used to multi-tasking. It doesn't look the same as it might in the corporate world, but it is multi-tasking all the same. Recently my ability was challenged as it has never been challenged before. Yes, it happened in the bathroom. For some reason, most of my funniest moments are either in the bathroom or related to something that should take place in a bathroom.

We were visiting my parents when one of my girls called me to, you guessed it, the bathroom. The finicky toilet was acting up and Mom needed to fix it. Recognizing that the toilet wasn't just acting up, but that it was rapidly filling up, I lifted the tank lid to try and stop the water flow. It didn't work! With the water line fast approaching the rim of the toilet bowl, I carefully moved the heavy porcelain lid (with one hand!) and set it aside. Then I grabbed the toilet plunger and went to work on the toilet. Soon, the water was moving the right direction and disaster was averted.

So, you say, where is the multi-tasking in all that? Well, let me tell you. I was not alone as I saved my mother's bathroom from certain destruction (ok, maybe it wasn't that bad). My infant son crawled in just about the time I removed the toilet tank lid. He then crawled up to me and stood up between my legs. It was quite entertaining trying to plunge a toilet with an 8-month old baby alternately reaching for the toilet and pulling on
my jeans!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up!
Thank you for your blog and your sense of humor...I know you'll need it even more in the next few weeks. You are in my prayers.

Rebecca said...

Good job!

We recently had to buy a new toilet after I had a similar emergency (but I didn't actually get it stopped before the flood), then kicked the lid over before I got it back on the toilet, breaking it.

After being unable to found a replacement lid, we finally just replaced the whole thing. Oh well. blapher said...

How funny. I can just picture it.....trying to plunge with a little one attached to you!

Thanks for the laugh :)

-the blapher