Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Not afraid of snakes

Being a modern mother, I have tried very hard not to pass my hatred of snakes to my children. When given the opportunity, I encourage my daughters to touch, hold, catch and play with snakes, as long as they have wise, careful adult supervision. When our 4th daughter was 2, that meant letting her hold a HUGE python in Florida. Her dad helped her. On Sunday, that meant sending them out to catch garder snakes.

Sunday we were invited to the home of some friends who live on acreage where they raise have many different kinds of animals. With lambing season just over, they have 3 "bummer" lambs, who need to be bottle-fed and raised by humans for one reason or another. To their delight, my daughters were invited to help with the feeding.

It was great fun for the girls, running around after the little lambs, playing tag with them, exploring the property, and generally having the kind of fun that is considered dangerous in our overly cautious society. When they came running into the house to report they'd found some snakes, my husband's immediate response was, "Did you catch any?" When they replied no, he headed out to help them. All the children joined in the fun and were soon relishing the joy of a new "pet." I, on the other hand, was hiding far away, inside the house, away from the doors.

Though I've tried very diligently not to pass my fear and hatred of snakes on to my children, I have not been able to hide my fear from them. So, being children, they wanted to tease their mommy. Safely away from the doors, I was sitting right by a rather large window, looking out into the back yard. Guess where the girls brought their new treasure. Yes, right to the window! I smiled and admired the snake, knowing that I had nothing to fear because of the safety margin of the window. When the girls left, laughing, I had no cause for concern.

The cause for concern came when the girls (laughing hysterically) brought the snake (in a butterfly net) past all my barriers of security, and stuck it in my face, literally!

Thankfully our host was sitting with me in the house (my husband hadn't returned from his snake catching adventure) and interviened for my protection. I'm even more thankful that I didn't pass out or loose control of bodily function, or do anything I'd later regret to one of my children. I did, however, totally cement in the minds of my children my absolute terror of snakes, providing them with unlimited opportunities to play pranks on me in the future. At least they don't appear to be afraid of snakes.


Miniskiff said...

Oh Marchauna... I believe you may have taught them too well! ;)... although I have to confess I have always loved's spiders I could do with out...but I realized I needed to stop this fear as everything is an instrument towards making our lives wonderful. So now when I see one, I talk to it... Skiff laughs to some degree because at one of our cabins in Canada we were renovating it and of course there were spiders. So I let them know that they needed to leave and do their job out side as they made me nervous...and I would give them 10 minutes time to walk out... and they did!!
After that I realized I just needed to make my boundaries clear and give the creature a chance to make that possible. Now when I see one I am not so jumpy and try to thank them for doing their job of keeping other bugs from coming in the house and to please make their home outside of mine. I think I finally understand them better.
God moves/works in mysterious ways.
Anyway that is my little confession! :) I hope your snake fear becomes less and less.
>>>>>>hugs to you<<<<<<<

Rebecca said...

It's mice that gets that response from me. Oh sure, they're cute, but there's just something gross about them.

I would say "no snakes in the house" would be appropriate.

Thanks for sharing!

Mama Marchauna's Mama said...

Since you are the original TERRIBLETERROR, you earned this. What goes around comes around. I started praying that you'd have a dozen just like you a long, long time ago!